The Foundation of the Global life Learning Center (the "Foundation”) collects personal information through application forms for the Yurin-en Seminar House, other registration forms, and various promotional activities.

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and the protection of such information is fundamental to our business policy and social responsibility. We stringently safeguard privacy in accordance with our privacy policy, which is set forth below.

The Foundation of the Global life Learning Center
Taeko Matsuda

1. Basic Policy

(1) Disclosure of purpose of use and prohibition of unintended use
The Foundation will inform you of the purpose of use prior to collection of your personal information. The Foundation will use your personal information strictly within the scope of the stated purpose of use.

(2) Non-disclosure of personal information and protection against use by third parties
The Foundation will not disclose to any third parties any of the personal information that you provide, and it will protect such information from use by third parties, except in the cases described in (a) and (b) below. However, even in such cases, the Foundation will disclose your personal information to the minimal extent possible.
 (a) Cases in which the Foundation has obtained your permission to disclose personal information
 (b) Cases in which disclosure of personal information is required by civil services in accordance with the law

2.Strict and Appropriate Control of Personal Information

(1)The Foundation will comply with the Personal Information Protection Laws and regulations related to the protection of Personal Information. Likewise, the “Personal Information Privacy Policy” serves as the foundation for consolidated and systematic protection of personal information, appropriate acquisition and handling of personal information, and strict control of personal information.

(2) To secure the accuracy and safety of personal information obtained by the Foundation, the Foundation makes every effort to avoid leakage of, destruction of, and damage to personal information, and we work to ensure stringent security measures relating thereto.