Foundation of Global Life Learning Center appointed Kumi Sato as the new Chairman of GLLC in April 26, 2023. Kumi Sato is the second daughter of former chairman Taeko Matsuda, one of the founders of GLLC. Kumi Sato has taken over Cosmo PR, a pioneer of the PR industry in Japan founded by her mother in 1960, and served as Director of GLLC from 2020.

The GLLC (Global Life Learning Center) was founded in 1983, based on the concept that we humans, if we continue to learn without losing our curious hearts, can have a way of life that is not limited by age. Since then, we have developed businesses such as sponsoring qualification, research and investigation related to Life Learning, managing LL members to promote information exchange among members, operating the seminar house 'Yurin-en', supporting international exchange. Inspired by the fact that Taeko Matsuda had obtained a PhD from the University of Tokyo at the age of 71, since 2011 we have started to support company employees over the age of 50 to obtain a PhD degree. We are recruiting and rewarding projects that carry on the spirit of the late Taeko Matsuda "Share Your Happiness!" and promote lifelong learning from 2020.
We will continue to evolve our GLLC approaches to develop Life Learning for times of rapid change.

Kumi Sato
Foundation of Global Life Learning Center

former president

Short biography
President and CEO of Cosmo Public Relations Corporation, born in Tokyo in 1959, joined the New York office of McKinsey & Company after graduating from Wellesley College, USA / Massachusetts. She then founded Cosmo International, a consultancy for Japanese companies doing business in America. Joined Cosmo Public Relations Corporation in 1986, appointed President and CEO the following year. Successively served as Director, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and Vice-Chairman of the Growth Strategy Task Force since 1996, appointed Honorary Chairman in 2015. Simultaneously served as Co-Chairman of the Asia Society International Advisory Committee, established to promote mutual understanding between the people of Japan and the US. Delivered a lecture on "Communication Leadership" at the Business Breakthrough Graduate School.


  • 2012 Business Stateswoman of the Year by the Harvard Business School Club of Japan
  • 2010 Agency Head of the Year in Asia Pacific by PR Week
  • 2011 Asia-Pacific SABRE Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement by the Holmes Report


  • Love Me Company: DAIAMOND, Inc. in 2007
  • Communication Leadership: Thinking and Communication Skills: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. in 2012

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